What Is NLP?

The Definition of NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro or Neurology - Our nervous system through which all our experiences are processed using our five senses:

• Sight

Linguistic - Our verbal and nonverbal communication systems. The way we use language to communicate internally and externally through language to make sense of the process of how we experience the world.

Pictures, Sounds, Feelings

• Tastes and Smells
• Words (Self Talk)

Programming - The conscious and unconscious constructed system which we use to achieve our results. We can easily discover ways to use these programs and their structure to create an environment of agreement and influence, or where necessary dismantle and re-structure them to create change in our thinking and behaviour.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) began being developed by Richard Bandler an American author and trainer in the field of self-help and John Grinder in the1970s in California, the United States as a model of how we communicate to ourselves and others, and the model has further been developed over the years by many other practitioners. The model explains how we internally process the information that comes into us from the outside, give meaning to those experiences and then communicate that from the inside to the outside.

Who Uses NLP? 

Many Coaches, Counsellors, Medical and Mental Health professionals Psychiatrists and Psychologists have all trained as NLP Practitioners around the world to better help and support their patient's and clients healing. NLP is now widely used in Sports, the arts, politics, in the Business world and by entrepreneurs.

As one of Britain's Foremost Business and NLP Trainers Michael Breen once said, NLP isn't just for a time when you're life is falling apart and you're hanging off a cliff edge by your fingernails. NLP is a powerful and flexible mind technology that can be used anytime by anyone to enhance every area of their lives.

How Can NLP help?

NLP can help with improving people’s Mental Health and overall wellbeing.

With NLP you can learn to model strategies for all the following:

 •  Career and business success
 •  Managing stress and anxiety
 •  Create more joy and happiness
  Improve, maintain health and fitness
  Discover your purpose
  Improve your relationships, communication and connections
  Ways to overcome blocks and challenges
   Unlock your true potential
And so much more.

Why choose NLP Coaching?

Unlike some conventional therapies that only work with the conscious mind and can often leave some clients struggling to change, NLP combined with Coaching works with both the conscious and unconscious mind, which means that change can be faster, more effective and taking a shorter time to achieve results. 

Coaching with NLP creates more choice, giving you the freedom to choose to do whatever you want to do at any given moment. And adding significant value making it more effective than traditional coaching. Bottom line! You get to do many cool and amazing things with it.