Welcome to my Website. 

I am a Certified Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® Hypnosis & Certified NLP Coach Practitioner, having followed the only Accredited (ABNLP) approved training, amongst other things. 

This website, Mind & Body Coding Systems is for motivational and personal development and teaching life skills. My mission is to help serve humanity by focusing on helping people to become the very best versions of themselves and to reach their full potential.

A Brief History of my Life.

My beginning in life was humble, growing up in care and being moved from one foster home to another to finish my teen years in a children's home. And I left school with no formal qualifications. 

Over the years, I've had my fair share of critics and put down experts. At 24 years of age, I was diagnosed with depression and hid away from the world, and when at an all-time low and feeling overwhelmed after years of being in toxic relationships and dealing with bullies I attempted to end my life. 

In the early days of my youth, I would go from place to place, job to job, struggle with money and was living on an emotional roller coaster. Then in the late 90s while watching late-night television was introduced to Paul McKenna, hypnosis and (NLP) Neuro-linguistic programming. Fed up at being at the mercy and a slave to my emotions and desperate for anything to change the following day I went out and bought about four of Paul's self-help hypnosis videos and books on self-esteem and confidence, and searched for anything I could find on NLP. It was those resources and filled with hope that my life could be so much better I was spurred on with a hunger to learn new coping skills and strategies to change limiting beliefs and onto a happier and fulfilled life. Like many people, I still have life challenges. But now, I have a low healthy tolerance limit to sadness, anxiety and disappointment to quickly bounce back to become more resourceful to creating a happier emotional state; while taking responsibility for how I'm responding to challenging life events and taking back control. 

Looking back on my life all those years ago from where I was, it's pretty amazing to see how far I've travelled to where I am now to going to college to earning a place at university to study BSc Psychology. To amazingly becoming a therapist, NLP Practioner and a life coach helping others to have the kind of life they want and deserve by becoming the best versions of themselves, while living their lives with passion and to their full potential.

Some of my Hobbies and Interests


Losing myself for hours when getting creative doing some 3D art

in a program called Daz Studio a program that can create 3D worlds

and people. 

Creating videos and 3D motion graphics

Some years ago, I taught myself to read music and play an acoustic Guitar and planning on using those skills to learn to play the piano.

Vocal training and Singing.

Immersing myself in Enid Blyton adventure series stories or

an Agatha Christie.

Cooking and baking

Learning Chinese 

                              Chris Anderson