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Empowering people through NLP and Hypnosis

I have a deep desire for helping people getting in touch with and actualizing their best resources for success and fulfilment in life, which is why I provide a One on One Breakthrough Life Coaching service combining NLP techniques and Hypnosis to help clients create powerful change in their lives for the future and the life they want and deserve.

People are feeling the drive to create positive changes for themselves. And all share this idea that, if they had the right advice and could take the right action, they could transform the way they experience their lives.

If Someone were to give you a Fantastic and Adventurous life with Both Hands, Would you run with it?


Want to gain emotional control over your life? Emotional reactions, such as anger, periods of apathy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and chronic fear? 

Would you like to be more confident and have a greater sense of Self-worth? 

Do you lack motivation and putting off doing the things that you know you must do?

Discover emotional freedom

Set Goals for your future

Create more success

Have more joy and happiness

Improve and maintain health and fitness

Discover your purpose

Do you want to Improve your relationships, communication and connections?

Change limiting beliefs?

NLP can help.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life And Change the World?

Unleash Your True Potential For Greater Happiness And Success

The Coaching Process

Explore - Collaboration. Work together as a team.

Working as a team, I will challenge, teach, evoke, motivate, give you tasks, share my knowledge, and giving you the tools and strategies to bringing about the changes you want, to getting you where you want to be. And as a client, you understand you will be the one that has to put in the work. Because the one thing that drives All personal success, and counts the most is investing in YOU. 

How will you be transforming and experiencing your life as you uncover and let go of self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back? What will you be seeing, feeling and doing as you are Creating more choice, giving you the freedom to choose to do whatever you want to do in any given moment?

The NLP techniques and strategies I use in the personal Coaching, breakthrough process are incredibly powerful, straightforward and fast. And you'll see the results pop up across all areas of your life.

As your Coach, My promise to you is to give 110% to your success.

I currently work in the Lancashire area and get to work with people in person, on the phone and across the UK on Skype. And clients around the world. You can get in touch by using the contact form on this page below or directly by calling 07835 453 032 to discuss your requirements and how I can help.

International: + 00 44 (07835) 453 032

Transforming people's lives
through meaningful connections
using NLP Techniques Coaching
and Hypnosis

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