Live Your Life With Passion

Chris Anderson

Breakthrough NLP Coach 


          Awesome and Truly Inspirational!

                   I have had several coaching sessions with Chris and every time
                   I felt truly empowered afterwards. Chris has a way of
                   helping his clients find a way to go through their problems.
                   He is an exceptionally gifted healer and can channel his
                   energies towards you. He is very unique, very special
                   and one of my all-time favourite coaches.

Michele Kucic

Senior Account Executive - Broadview Networks New York

NLP Coaching for Performance and Health

Do you make limiting decisions or have beliefs such as, "I can't do this." "I'm not good enough..." "I don't deserve..." Feeling stuck or anxious?
Not seeing a way forward or life how it's supposed to be, with limiting choices and feeling overwhelmed?  Thinking like this can prevent people from achieving the life they desire. And having these unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs can leave you feeling stuck to doing or getting what you want out of life, and not living to your full potential.
Would you like to rid yourself of anger, sadness or guilt?
Discover the root cause of something that's been holding you back?
Overcome self-doubt and change limiting beliefs?
Design a compelling future that empowers, and sets you up for greater success?

Would you like to rid yourself of anger, sadness and guilt

Massively improve your life in all areas

Experience more joy and love in your life -
Enhance - heal relationships. 
Build Confidence - Self Worth
Overcoming Fears - Anxiety - Stress - Depression
Overcoming a Sence of Loss
Healing -
Better Health and Fitness
Personal Development

As your personal NLP life coach, my goal is to create meaningful connections and insight as I Motivate, challenge and task you. Connect you in to your inner wisdom while helping you to define clear and meaningful life goals and strategies as we're working together as a team. Giving you the tools and technics to closing the distance between where you're currently at and where eventually desire to be to achieving your outcomes as you're beginning to open up to new possibilities.

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you see with clarity how easily you can make changes in your life through powerful NLP techniques, and strategies after you take the first step toward emotional freedom.

I offer my life coaching sessions in person and by phone. Skype sessions are also available for allowing me to reach and help more people and where distance may be a problem and international clients.
You can contact me by using the form on this page below or directly by calling 07579 794211
to discuss your requirements and how I can help.