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A sneak preview behind the scenes of creating my new project.

Egyptian Sleep Temples And Dream Temple Therapy

The Beginnings Of Hypnosis In Ancient Times
Did you know that over 4000 years ago, Imhotep, yes, the very one who gained Hollywood stardom as the evil baddy in the movie 'The Mummy' was one of the good guys who influenced what some consider to be an early form of hypnosis when during the Greco-Roman times, people would flock to his temples in Memphis and on the island of Philae on the Nile River known as Sleep or Dream Temples.

Changing Anytime Any Place Anything

Sometimes, we limit ourselves to negative thoughts, creating unnecessary problems. However, it's important to understand that many of our problems are imaginary and can be quickly solved with a bit of imagination. In my personal experience, using NLP techniques has helped me gain confidence and control over my thinking. It also allows me to challenge old beliefs that may no longer serve me. If you're struggling with limiting thoughts, here's an example of how I have used an NLP technique to take back control and gain that extra piece of confidence.

Understand Your Meta-Programes, Preferences and 


We all have unique preferences. In this section, we will delve into five crucial NLP Meta Programs 
That will help you to identify your preferences and be mindful of the preferences of others. With this understanding, you will learn to motivate and influence yourself and others.

Elevate Your Wellbeing Journey

Music tracks embedded with Entrainment Sound technology. Mindfulness and Relaxation

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Chris Anderson

Certified Practitioner of (NLP) Neuro-linguistic programming, Time Line Therapy™ Certified Hypnosis, and NLP Coach Practitioner, having followed the Global Standard Accredited (ABNLP) approved training. And Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Certified Healer and Reiki Master among other trainings.

The Transformative Power Of A Daily Grateful Mindset

Doing Emotional Gratitude

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Mind & Body Coding Systems offers motivational and personal development by teaching life skills using Life Coaching combined with NLP techniques and strategies, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness and other life-changing learning modalities. My mission is to help serve humanity by helping people reach their full potential and to become the best versions of themselves.