Behind the Scenes Creating Text from Sand Posted by - Chris 26 August 2017

Creating some magical 3D motion graphics visual effects in Adobe After Effects, one of my favourite programs. This project for a promotional video for Outer Worlds Theta Journey audio sampler.  As it says in the title, this effect creates text out of sand, and it looks pretty amazing. 

All the of the productions from the music, visual motion graphics and images I do myself. I get to have a great deal of joy while learning new skill sets as and when I need to. 

Yes I know there isn't  a great deal of content on the site at the moment, but that's been due to a re-launch of the site, and I'm on it. 

There are two new videos about to go into production, one for another product to be added to the Online Store as a digital download. And hopefully going into next month completing the first of my Reiki Healing Music Attunements.


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